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Character: Colonel Roy Mustang
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Version: Manga, chapter 94 (Specifically here.)
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Appearance: Roy has dark piercing eyes along with short black hair. He usually keeps his hair unkempt and falling into his eyes, though for special occasions, he will slick it back. He also keeps himself clean-shaven. On the back of his right hand, he bears a faint scar of a transmutation circle from an incident under the Third Laboratory involving Lust. He also bears scars from a burn wound that covers part of his torso on the left side and back from the same incident.

The Colonel keeps a rather sophisticated appearance. While on duty, he’s always fully dressed in his military uniform and he often adds a few accessories such as a long black coat and white formal wear gloves. (Although, he also has a pair of gloves made out of a special material to create sparks when rubbed together which he uses for his alchemy. They have a red transmutation circle on the back.) When in civilian attire, he is normally seen in a three piece suit of dark and neutral colors such as black or dark blue with a minimal white button up shirt.

Personality: On the surface, Roy Mustang comes off as shallow, and self-absorbed, much to the annoyance of fellow officers in the military. He often comes off as cocky and leaves most of his paperwork to his subordinates, but once an event comes up where he can catch some glory and work towards a promotion, he doesn’t hesitate to take action. Roy is also very manipulative and can usually get a subordinate to act the way he wants him to, often while seemingly not having any involvement in their decisions.

Roy is also known around the military as a womanizer, and has earned the scrutiny of other members of the military for stealing their girlfriends. He can also be seen around the office wooing other female service members.

Underneath this however lies a man who is deeply devoted to his friends and subordinates. It’s often thought that the behavior he shows to others is just a ruse to have others underestimate his intelligence and abilities. Mustang is a brilliant tactician and well versed in military strategy. He is also an expert when it comes to gathering intelligence and covert operations.

Mustang is very devoted and loyal to those who support him and he with the large amount of power he does hold in the military, he uses it to protect others who do not have the power to do so. His determination to become Fuhrer is fueled by the belief that the government should be working for the people instead of the other way around. He does everything in his power to protect his friends and subordinates while they in turn give him support for his goals.

Roy can be quite stubborn at times, and he is also prone to losing his temper and letting his emotions cloud his judgment.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Roy Mustang is a state alchemist, and therefore can use alchemy. He is very well known for his flame alchemy (his code name is the Flame Alchemist) in which he uses gloves of a special material that can create sparks when rubbed together, and using alchemy to increase the amount of flammable gas (mostly oxygen) in the air to create explosions. Being in the military, Roy is also trained in the use of firearms, and he can be seen at some points in the series using a pistol.

As stated before, Roy is very intelligent and very well versed in military strategy, gathering intelligence, and leading covert operations. He is also able to manipulate people for his own profit. While he might not show it to the public eye or even to most military staff, Mustang is very loyal and devoted to protecting his subordinates and friends, thus earning their loyalty as well.

Weaknesses: Roy’s alchemy is completely useless in the rain or when his gloves get wet. While he can use a gun, he’s no expert like Lieutenant Hawkeye, though his marksmanship would be that of any other soldier. While his body is in prime condition on being in the military, he is never seen in hand-to-hand combat, and it’s assumed that his skills in the area are limited at best. Roy is at his best when he attacks from a distance, and while he does have techniques to keep his opponents from getting too close (at least while the weather is nice), it is possible to break his defenses. (Ed does so in a mini-comic where he and Roy have an alchemists duel, though it still ends up with Mustang claiming victory.)

While the Colonel is very intelligent, there are times where he lets his pride and temper cloud his judgment. If someone were to push the right buttons, it wouldn’t be too hard to get Mustang to through logic to the wind. His over-confidence can also get himself into trouble. Roy also has a tendency to overwork himself, especially when it comes to issues concerning his friends. (*Cough*Hughes*Cough*) He is seen multiple times falling asleep at his desk, and once he even gets Sheska to let him take a short nap in a file room. Despite being told that he should get some rest, he never does. He also takes any and all attacks on his friends and subordinates personally, and even goes out of his way to remedy the situation or deal out some justice.

History: Roy Mustang was orphaned at a young age and brought up by his father’s sister, Chris Mustang, who intended to bring his up as a gentleman. As a teenager, he found a desire to learn alchemy and became the student of Berthold Hawkeye, hoping to use his knowledge and skill to help the people of Amestris. Roy eventually left his teacher and joined the military with the intention of becoming a State Alchemist, meeting Maes Hughes during his training at the military academy.

At the age of twenty, Roy returned to his teacher to try to gain knowledge about Hawkeye’s unique alchemy and to persuade him to join the State Alchemy program to share his research with the world. Berthold refused, saying that someone so eager to become a dog of the military was not worthy of holding such power. That same day, Berthold died of an unknown illness in Mustang’s arms, though not before asking Roy to take care of his daughter, Riza, and to take his secret notes as long as he promised never to abuse the power of his alchemy and use it for ill purposes. At Berthold’s funeral, he confessed his intent to Riza. Impressed, she allowed him to see the tattoo on her back which hid the secrets for the flame alchemy in hopes that he would use it to ensure the happiness of the people of Amestris. Roy managed to decode the image and used it to pass the State Alchemy exam and become the Flame Alchemist.

Three years after becoming a State Alchemist, the Ishval Civil War broke out, and Roy was ordered to become a human weapon in a genocide campaign to wipe out the Ishvalan people. During the war, he managed to reunite with both Maes Hughes and Riza Hawkeye, who had joined the military and become widely known for her abilities as a sniper. “The three lamented the fact that their eyes of youthful idealism had been replaced with the eyes of murderers and pondered over the unknown reasoning behind the incredible military expenses being devoted to the inexplicable wholesale slaughter of the Ishvalans, who were technically fellow Amestrian citizens.” (Sorry, I just really like the way the Wiki worded this.) Mustang was able to help bring the war to a close while also gaining the title “Hero of Ishval.” It was at this time that he also changed his resolve. Instead of becoming part of the foundation of Amestris, he now drove himself to rise above the people and protect them from above. Thus, Roy put his sights on the position of Fuhrer.

As Roy prepared to move out from the battlefield, he was approached by Riza, who asked to burn the tattoo off her back so another Flame Alchemist could never be created. Roy objected, but gave in to Riza’s demands and burned off the parts of her tattoo that were essential for decoding the information needed for the flame alchemy technique.

After the war, Roy was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and stationed in the east. He was put in charge of recruiting talented alchemists to join the State Alchemy program, as many alchemists turned in their licenses after the atrocities of the war. He eventually gained a lead on the Elric brothers and traveled to Resembool, unaware that at the time, Edward and Alphonse were only children. (Aged 11 and 10 respectfully.) Roy decided to pay them a visit anyway, and his timing couldn’t have been at a worse time, for when he arrived, it was just shortly after Ed and Al broke the taboo on human transmutation and attempted to bring their mother back from the dead. Roy confronted the two of them, at first angry, but after cooling down, he decided to tell the boys about the State Alchemy program and suggested that should they choose to move forward, it would probably be the best way for the two to research on how to get their bodies back. (As exchange for the human transmutation, Ed lost his left leg while Al lost his entire body. Ed then preformed a human transmutation again to bind his brother’s soul to a suit of armor, losing his right arm in the process.)

One year later, Mustang was promoted the rank of colonel and Ed, having been fitted with automail prosthetics, traveled to Eastern Command to take the Sate Alchemy exam to earn his license. He managed to pass his test and was put under command of Mustang with the title “Fullmetal Alchemist.” In exchange for Ed’s loyalty, Roy gave Ed freedom to move around the country to research a way to get both his and his brother’s bodies back while also keeping their attempt at human transmutation under wraps.
Mustang remains in Eastern Command for around three years before he is transferred to Central Command.

Before transferring though, there is an incident with a man simply known as “Scar” who has been convicted of murdering up to ten State Alchemists. There is also an incident concerning State Alchemist Shou Tucker who is to be put on trial for conducting human transmutation, first on his wife and then his daughter, as he had transmuted them both into chimeras. Scar manages to break in to where Tucker is being held and kills him and the creature his daughter had become. Scar also manages to bump into Edward Elric and almost kills him, though Mustang is able to arrive on the scene along with his men and save him. While Edward is saved from being killed, Scar also manages to escape.

Both Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes and Major Alex Louis Armstrong were in the Eastern sector during these incidents as they were sent from Central to pick up Tucker for his trail. While there, Hughes manages to tell Roy about problems up in Central and that it’s very likely that Roy will be transferred soon.

About a month before his transfer, however, Hughes is murdered by the homunculus, Envy. Roy heads up to Central for the funeral and vows to find his best friend’s killer. Roy also discovers that Hughes and Armstrong had been working with the Elrics to find out information about the Philosopher’s Stone and concludes that there is something wrong with Central Command, and he also vows to get to the bottom of the matter and go after the top brass of the military.

Shortly after his transfer to Central, more events take place to further support Roy’s theories about the military’s involvement in the Philosopher’s Stone. Barry the Chopper, a guard for the supposedly run down and unoperational fifth laboratory assaults Lieutenant Hawkeye, who manages to bring him to the Colonel for questioning. Barry tells them about as much as he is able about the Philosopher’s Stone and how the researchers behind the Stone were then used as ingredients for it. Roy is able to piece together the information he received from Major Armstrong after Hughes’ funeral and the information he had just received from Barry and concludes that it was Central Command responsible for the research of the Stone, quieting the people who worked on it by using them as ingredients for the Stone, and cleaning up any other mess left behind. After questioning Barry about the murder of Hughes, Roy finds that he was not responsible and orders Warrant Officer Falman (one of Roy’s most trusted subordinates) to watch over Barry.

During the next ten days, Roy digs around for any information regarding what Hughes had been researching before he was killed. He receives information that Armstrong had run into the Elrics while he was with the Fuhrer in the south and that he was unable to tell them about Hughes’ death.
Another development also arises as 2ed Lieutenant Maria Ross is accused of Hughes’ murder. Suspecting foul play from Command, Roy orders Hawkeye to get as much information as possible regarding Armstrong’s subordinate. Ross is then found guilty of the crime without a trial, and Roy’s plan begins to go into motion. He receives a call from Barry who had seen and been shot by Ross at the fifth laboratory and claims her innocence. Roy then plots a way to fake Ross’ death.

Roy orders 2ed Lt. Breda to come up with materials and dental records he can use to transmute a fake “corpse” for Ross. Ross is broken out of prison with Barry’s help and is sent to the coordinates to run into Mustang in an ally somewhere in Central. Roy manages to swap Ross for the fake body, and he uses his alchemy to turn it into cinders and leave it unrecognizable. Ross is taken away by 2ed Lt. Havoc. Edward Elric also shows up, just in time to see the aftermath of the escape and thinking that Mustang really had killed Ross. Roy keeps up his act in order to fool everyone, and while he is suspected of being behind the escape attempt just so he could kill Ross with his own hands, Ross does indeed manage to escape. Roy also has help from Dr. Knox, who worked with Roy during the Ishvalan war and falsifies the records about Ross, knowing Roy had given him a fake corpse to perform an autopsy on.

The first stage of Roy’s plan is complete, and he then orchestrates all of his closest men to go on leave for the next phase. Hearing that Ross is to be taken to Xing, the country to the East (which also happens to be on the other side of a large desert), he orders Breda to go to Resembool to meet up with Major Armstrong and Edward Elric so they can journey out of the country a bit and exchange information freely. Havoc, Hawkeye, and Sergeant at Arms Fuery are covertly placed at the safe-house where Falman was watching Barry. As Roy anticipated, his actions regarding Ross and the appearance of Barry has caught the attention of the enemy, and the respond by releasing Barry’s real body to rejoin with his soul. (Barry the Chopper is in the same situation as Alphonse Elric where his soul was transmuted to a suit of armor. In Barry’s case though, his real body was not taken by the Truth, but instead kept by the researchers. Because there is an imbalance between the body and soul once they are separated, the two will constantly seek each other out until they’re back together. Barry’s body meanwhile has been housing the soul of some other animal.)

Roy stays in his office, speaking in code to Hawkeye as she relays what’s going on with Barry. At this point, Havoc is placed in action to chase down both Barry, who in his armored body, is chasing after his real body. Although the plan seems to be going on smoothly, Roy perceives a problem when he is cut off from Hawkeye, and he leaves his post to attend to the matter. He arrives just in time to use his alchemy to blast the homunculus, Gluttony, off the tower that Hawkeye and Fuery were stationed at. After receiving a lecture from his Lieutenant, Roy and Hawkeye leave to pursue the two Barrys. (Fuery is left behind to clean up and make sure no evidence of their mission is left behind.) He manages to run into Alphonse who comes along for the chase and reveals information about the homunculi, which Roy is highly skeptical at first, but accepts the facts as truth after Hawkeye’s comment, that even though she shot at fatal spots on Gluttony, he didn’t die.

Havoc, Alphonse, Roy, Hawkeye, and Barry manage to follow Barry’s body to the third laboratory. Barry rushes in to catch his body, and Roy takes the opportunity to clear the building by ordering the staff to evacuate due to a serial killer being lose in the building, reassuring the guards that he has already called for back-up. The four manage to find the basement and they split up, as the hall splits in two directions. Alphonse joins Hawkeye and Roy and Havoc team up to investigate the area. After finding old labs that have long been abandoned, though they still show signs of the atrocities that had gone on, the two run into Lust, who reveals her true identity as a homunculus. Roy asks her is she had been involved with Hughes’ death, and she remarks that she was sorry she wasn’t the one to kill him. Mustang fires a few rounds from his pistol into her chest, but with her regenerative abilities, she is able to stand her ground. She even shows the pair the location of the Philosopher’s Stone which acts as her core and the power behind her healing abilities.

Roy states that if she’s showing such vital information about herself to them, that she has no intention of letting any of them live. Having guessed correctly, Lust attacks Mustang and Havoc with her ability known as her “Ultimate Spear,” in which Lust extends her fingernails as blades that can supposedly cut through anything. Lust manages to slice through Roy’s pistol and also slices through a container of water which splashes down on the soldiers, making Roy’s alchemy useless. Mustang and Havoc manage to get themselves out of the room. Roy is still able to use his alchemy, transmuting the water to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms and filling the room Lust is in with the explosive gasses. Havoc tosses in his lighter, and the explosion destroys the room.

After the debris has settled, Havoc and Mustang re-enter the room and search for Lust’s remains. She manages to hide under the rubble and impale Havoc, severing his spinal cord and paralyzing him from the waist down. Roy takes Havoc’s shotgun and fires a few rounds into her and tries to use Lust’s Philosopher’s Stone to heal Havoc’s wounds, but as it’s Lust’s core, her body just regenerates around it. She manages to impale Mustang, and she leaves the two to bleed to death, but not before mentioning how sorry she was for having to kill such a good candidate for human sacrifice.

While Lust ventures out to deal with Alphonse and Hawkeye, Roy manages to carve the transmutation circle used for his alchemy on the back of his hand. He uses what’s left of Havoc’s lighter, which still works somehow and cauterizes both Havoc’s and his own wounds before following after Lust.

Roy manages to find her just in time, and he’s able to kill her for good using his alchemy while Alphonse uses his to form a wall to shield both Hawkeye and himself from the Colonel’s flames. All said and done, Roy and Havoc are rushed to the hospital to be treated for their wounds. After treatment, Roy lectures Hawkeye for letting enemy taunt get to her and losing the will to stay to survive. Hawkeye apologizes and brings out a map where she pinpoints the location of the room where she and Alphonse had ventured in to and where Roy killed Lust. Roy notices that both Central Command and the Fuhrer’s office are located within the area outlined by Hawkeye, and he begins to wonder if the Fuhrer is really an ally to them. Roy keeps to his vow to get to the bottom the conspiracy, and Hawkeye comments that she will stick with him. Both are surprised to hear Havoc back out, as he states that he has been paralyzed from the encounter with Lust.

Roy attempts to reseach a way to use alchemy to heal Havoc while he recovers in the hospital. Dr. Knox, the doctor that performed the fake autopsy on Ross, comes in to berate Roy for the sloppy job he did at transmuting the fake corpse when he learns about Havoc, and tells Roy that there is pretty much no chance of Havoc’s full recovery. Later, Breda informs Roy about Ed’s visit to Dr. Marcoh, a researcher who worked on the Philosopher’s Stone who manages to escape Central and is now using the Stone’s power for medical purposes in a small town in the East. He orders Breda to fetch the doctor, but it’s too late. Marcoh is gone by the time Breda shows up in the town. Returning to Havoc’s room, Roy learns that he has already gone through his discharge proceedings. Roy agrees to let Havoc leave his services, but on the condition that it’s only a temporary leave and that he’ll be waiting for Havoc at the top. Although Roy’s own wounds haven’t fully healed, he leaves the hospital.

Once out of the hospital, Roy learns of Ed being far more flashy than usual and he goes to confront him about it. They exchange information about Marcoh and wonder what the hell Central Command is up to when Ed admits that he’s trying to lure Scar out of hiding just as the killer appears. Since Ed knows that homunculi need him to stay alive, he is planning on using Scar to lure them out and capture one of them. Roy points out that the military would step in and put a stop to that plan when Ed asks him to interfere on his behalf. Roy and Hawkeye go to Fuery’s stake-out point and use his equipment to make false reports on Scar’s location, scattering units around Central and causing confusion to buy Ed some time. After dealing the damage, Hawkeye slips out to don a disguise and act as backup while Mustang stays behind. He gives Hawkeye the location of a house outside the city they can use as a hide-out and he remains in the city until that evening when the Elrics have captured their homunculus and cleaned up the evidence of their work.

Roy picks up Dr. Knox and the Elrics and takes them to the hide-out. Dr. Knox is brought to treat a badly injured ally, Lan Fan while the rest decide what to do with their captured homunculus. (Who turns out to be Gluttony.) Roy brings up the bad news about Central Command’s involvement in the affair, and then Ling (another ally) reveals that King Bradley, the Fuhrer, may himself be a homunculus. The issue of the Philosopher’s Stone used as Gluttony’s core is brought up which results in an argument. Roy wishes to use the stone to heal Havoc, while Ling wishes to bring it back to his home country of Xing, while the Elrics wish to use it to regain their lost bodies. While the commotion goes on, Gluttony becomes agitates and he transforms while also breaking his bonds. The homunculus attacks in a blind rage, proclaiming that it was Roy who had killed Lust. In his new form, Gluttony is able to devour just about anything, and in his attack, he manages to take out a large chunk of the safe-house. Roy dons his gloves and tries to kill Gluttony, but the homunculus just swallows the torrent of flame and spits it back out at Mustang, who flees into the surrounding forest. He can only go so far, as his recent wounds have yet to heal, and he is saved from being swallowed thanks to Hawkeye and Ed’s alchemy, as he creates a dummy for Gluttony to swallow. Roy reluctantly heads back and gets in the car with Knox, Lan Fan, and Hawkeye while the Elrics and Ling go after Gluttony.

After Roy drops of Knox, he prepares for his next move with Central Command in order to see who he can and cannot trust. He arrives at Central Command the following day with Hawkeye, who he orders to wait outside. He enters the building but is unsure how to go about the task of dethroning the Fuhrer when he is suddenly approached by Lt. General Raven who congratulates him on his recent achievements. Roy remembers Hughes’ advice on making friends to help him on his goal, and he lets it slip that there are rumors about the Fuhrer being a homunculus. The General laughs at it and ushers Roy into Central Commands meeting room to repeat his “joke” about the Fuhrer, who enters the room as well. After seeing the stern faces of the people in the room, Roy finally realizes what Hughes had been trying to tell him. The danger threatening the military and Amestris was coming from every single member of High Command.
Roy is kept at Central Command for the night while the Fuhrer speaks to him personally. Bradley explains his own origins as a homunculus and also reveals that the plan regarding the military and the homunculi began right at the inception of Amestris. The Fuhrer also lets Mustang know that the plan to separate him from his loyal subordinates has also gone under way, as they will all be scattered to remote regions of the country, save for Lieutenant Hawkeye, who is transferred to be the Fuhrer’s personal aide and hostage.

Hours later, Edward and Alphonse Elric are also escorted to speak with the Fuhrer. Roy fills them in on the situation while the Fuhrer tells them that since they are valuable assets to “Father’s” plan, they will remain unharmed until the time comes for them to be used as sacrifices. Edward tries to turn in his State Alchemy license, but the Fuhrer rejects his demand, saying that harm may come to Winry should he leave. Edward remains a State Alchemist for the time being, so long as he and Al can continue searching for a way to regain their bodies, which the Fuhrer agrees to so long as it doesn’t interfere with the homunculi’s plan. He asks Roy what he will do, and he responds that his goals require him to remain with the military. The three alchemists are then dismissed from the Fuhrer’s office.
Roy then rushes to the front gate where he had left Hawkeye only to be met by Armstrong who took up her post while she visited a latrine. He reveals the information from the meeting with the Fuhrer to both of them.

Days later, and Roy’s men have all left to their reassignments. While lamenting the loss of his loyal subordinates, Roy plays some chess from the board he had played chess with General Gruuman back in Eastern Command and discovers a secret note with a secret number scrawled on it to contact Gruuman. Roy runs over to the bar run my Madame Christmas (who also gathers intelligence for Roy) and covertly asks her to contact Gruuman for him.

A few days later, after running into the Elrics and exchanging more information, Roy goes back to the bar and meets up with Madeline, who informs Roy to meet up with Gruuman at Hughes’ grave. Roy agrees and goes, only to find Gruuman disguised as a woman and reveals the information about Central Command.
This is taking forever and I already have a book for you guys to read, so I’m going to skip a few details and try to get this over with.

Over the next few weeks, Roy learns out that Selim, the Fuhrer’s adopted son, is also a homunculus and he passes the information to Olivier Armstrong, the Major’s sister who is a Major General and previously in charge of Command in the north at Brigg’s.

Roy then prepares for the “Promised Day” in which “Father” plans to complete his goal of using all of Amestris as a giant transmutation circle and to use its people as ingredients for a giant Philosopher’s Stone. Roy’s men have arrived in Central from their scattered posts to assist him, and he and Hawkeye eventually meet up with Edward Elric and Scar. They also encounter Envy, who reveals that he was the one who murdered Hughes, and Roy goes into a blind rage, hunting him down to destroy him. Roy and Hawkeye travel underground through the city’s sewer system while Envy tries to escape, though he is eventually brought down by Hawkeye and Mustang. Mustang approaches him, about to incinerate him (again) and that’s the point where I’ve taken Roy.
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